Thursday, November 1, 2012


Finally an easy recipe where I could used my bread machine and the yogurt machine together for a common purpose: this amazing and delicious Yogurt Bread.

Beside my home-made creamy yogurt, I've decided to use two different kinds of flour: A flour of durum wheat (semolina), which donate a beautiful yellow color and also a delicious taste and a superfine flour specifically made for bread.

Using my technique of "Piercing & overturning", I have obtained a beautiful bread, uniformly well-cooked.

Yogurt made the inside part more humid and pasty. About the taste I can say there is no sense of acid although the taste is different from a normal bread and you can feel it just smelling.

I love this bread, very tasty and perfect for a healthy and complete breakfast.

(for a loaf of 700 g approx)

  • Semolina flour -250 g 
  • 00 flour - 200 g
  • The natural yogurt - 250 g
  • Fresh yeast - 15 g
  • Warm water to eye
  • Salt - one teaspoon
  • Sugar - 2 teaspoons


Making this bread is really easy. The important thing is to have all the ingredients at room temperature.

The water should be warm, about 45 degrees, and we will use it only if the dough does not take all the flour.
  1. In the basket of the bread machine with the hook inserted, I put in succession: yogurt, yeast, flours, sugar and salt. 
  2. I entered the standard program, dark crust, small size. During the first phase of dough I added an inch of warm water and remove the flour left in the corners using a silicone paddle. 
  3. After the first half of cooking, I run the method of piercing & overturning and cooked until the end of the program, plus five additional minutes for which I entered the program of cooking only. 

When I baked this bread, honestly talking, my very first reaction was slightly negative. The upper part of the bread didn't look like I expected, rounded and tall. It seemed strange, irregular and very thin at the top and bottom sides of the loaf. I had a look in internet, and I found a lot of yogurt bread pictures showing the same result. So I said to myself, maybe yogurt has this kind of effects on the bread shape.

When I cut the bread I had to change my mind: the inside was perfect, the flour of durum gave the bread a great texture, a very nice yellow color and a good taste of genuine bread.

I conclude with a consideration about the yogurt: the bread reveals his presence at the beginning, in the particular texture of the crumb, and then at the end, because it leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste.
To be the first experiment I'm very satisfied with the result. Do you want to try it for yourself and then let me know what you think?
I felt in love with this bread, even if the integral is still my favorite. Try it with a thin layer of jam, simply exquisite.
See you soon with new experiments in the bread machine

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