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Welcome to my little blog dedicated to the Bread Machine. First of all I want to apologize for my very bad use of the English language. 
My name is Silvia, born in Milan 34 years ago, italian, life enthusiast, with a couple of dreams in the drawer. 

I do not know exactly who I am but I can tell you what I do.
I do blogging and searching for new opportunities. Last September I moved to Genoa to open a new chapter of my life. I'm attending a course in Web-design and looking for a new job, maybe in the web-writing and marketing field.

BREAD MACHINE.COM is my way to share and develop what I found about this amazing kitchen helper. I also run another Blog, my primary ones which is called: Cucina Green, (Green kitchen). You'll found many simple recipes and some tips to save money at home and be sustainable for the environment. It's all written in Italian but you can use the translator if you like.

In BREAD MACHINE:COM I want to speak not only about bread but also about proper nutrition with a scientific approach. I think it's important to eat well and know what we introduce into our body. I like cooking for others, while I'm very lazy when I have to do it for myself only. I prefer to make experiments and, of course, make breads and simple cakes with my bread machine.

Environmental issues, philosophy, chemistry and science fiction are my great interests. I try to be eco-friendly without sacrificing technology. I consider myself a Cyber-Romantic. I like to play around on the computer and I could not live without internet. I dream of living in a small house in the countryside , in simplicity and tranquility but always connected with the world.

The Blog is just born and still under construction. I hope you will come back to check if you find something interesting.
I do not like hypocrisy, than I want to confess that I'm trying to make my 'blogging', a real profession, with an economic return, as well as spiritual. It would be the right reward for the commitment and the passion with which I'm making it growing. You will find banner ads placed here and there. Right now they are my only source of income. Be patient, thank you.

It 's very likely that, while bread-machine-use still remain the main theme of the site, new topics are going to be treated, depending on what I will do in my life and where the wind will decide to bring me.

My philosophy in the kitchen is cooking in a creative and tasty way without ruining health and always preferring the substance: Cooking for eating well and with satisfaction.
For the rest, my only philosophy is to live with enthusiasm, appreciating the little things.
For those who want to contribute to the growth of my blog, I say thanks, and again THANKS A LOT!
Happy life!  

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