Friday, February 15, 2013


The  orange marmalade,  sugar-free, was my second experiment with the program - preserves   - of my bread machine. After obtaining a beautiful  orange marmalade  with 30% sugar, I had to know if I could get a good one with a 100% of fruit. And here's the result.

orange marmalade on toast
It seems almost .. a tomato sauce: o

Two hours of work in the machine, did not allow the pulp of oranges to achieve a perfect compact and jelly structure, the one should have a good jam. 
The taste  is sour, slightly bitter but pleasant. The consistency is more like a puree, lackluster, and slightly stringy, so that this sounds like a monstrous thing. Consistency aside, this pseudo-blood orange marmalade, is not that bad, and certainly will not be thrown.  

Tested with rusk in the picture, the sour taste was mitigated by the sweet of the slice. Also tested in natural yogurt, sour on sour did not give nice results. 

But why has not gelled? : O
Most experts know it well: the fruit contains a protein called pectin, which helps the process of  of the jam, so much so that, to save time, many people use to buy a pectin extract in the store and add it to the fruit during cooking. 
Oranges contain pectin especially in the peel, which is precisely the part that I could not use because non-organic oranges. Then this is the secret? Also use the peel?

While reflecting on my experiment, I try it on a slice of whole bread, trying also to remember how was the sugar free marmalade I tasted years ago in a B&B... so fresh and delicious, but a bit acid as mine, perhaps most lucid and firm. And then, who knows, maybe it is normal for a jam without sugar to be like this, not having the look of a classic jelly..

Okay, I get it, enough with the assumptions. Better to ask the more expert cooks. If you pass here and you want to leave your testimony, advice, everything you know on the jam, I'm sure this article will become a collector of interesting information, and perhaps  next time, I'll do it, my perfect orange marmalade, 100% sugar free :)  

P.s: Tomorrow I will try it with a tart cake :P 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yesterday I made ​​my first  brioche with the bread machine . 
Unexpected result, both in form and flavor. And even in the color of the crust a nice golden brown that does so much cake.
Not knowing which recipe to follow, I have entrusted to that of home made baked. It 'sa recipe that is inside a booklet half a crumpled old food processor. A relic of at least 25 years ago. Every time my mother made this brioche, it was a success. 
For the bread machine instead, I had serious doubts, especially in the processing of ingredients. With the camera, it is common practice to insert the ingredients one after the other, turn on the program, wait for it to end, and crank out the creature. All too easy. I had no doubt that working with the paddle mixer of the camera would not have been enough. But....

Monday, January 28, 2013


Finally I've decided to use the program "jams" of my bread machine
On this occasion I used  oranges, but you can use any kind of fruit, and I cannot wait to experience so many new tastes. 
First, do I have to say: Make the jam with the bread machine is a disarming ease. I'm impressed. The only real job, if you work you can talk, is in the preparation of fruit choice, then you have to understand how much sugar to use ... 

Monday, January 21, 2013


Hello and welcome! Today I want to tell you about my own bread machine: The Severin BM 3990 model.
I bought it on Amazon for 64,00 euro, a good price, considering what it can do.  
The brand is German, a leading manufacturer of this type of bread makers. 

Severin with one of my first experiments

Thursday, January 3, 2013


In order to celebrate the end of 2012 in simplicity , we are going to prepare something homemade and very Italian: the homemade pasta with flour of durum wheat (semolina), which is the simple pasta without eggs , the one we  commonly eat, but in dry form. 

If you have always believed that making pasta at home was a difficult thing, only for great cooks, today you will see that it is not, as making your own pasta, it can be very simple and even fun, not to mention the ultimate satisfaction. 

Now I will describe step by step  how to make a basic dough using only our hands, tap water and good flour made ​​from durum wheat semolina.