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Making this classic apple pie, using my mom's famous recipe, but with the bread machine, was really a challenge.
The experiment went undoubtedly successful: at the taste test, mum said: "Yes, It's good". And she looked very surprised I could made her legendary classic apple pie - the same she prepared when I was a child - soft and light with my modern bread machine. Due to this reason I fell delighted to offer you this recipe, simple, healthy, quick to make, and even to eat!

The process is reduced to a minimum and also very convenient because we do everything in the basket of the camera (bread machine for those who want short). Having homemade butter, I have used extra virgin olive oil, that plain yogurt. I think I did well to not only use yogurt. I noticed that in the bread machine, it tends to weigh a lot of dough, with the result that the cake will not rise. On the other hand, if I used only olive oil, the flavor would have been too intense. Instead, it came very well, only a slight smell of oil, but can be remedied if you use butter or vegetable oil.


  • Flour 00 (superfine) - 150 g
  • extra virgin olive oil -  40 g
  • plain yogurt - 60 g
  • Eggs - 2
  • Sugar - 80 g
  • baking powder - a teaspoon
  • apple - 2
  • lemon
  • a pinch of salt 


First of all I peel the apples, cutting them into tiny slices and then quizzes the lemon juice on them to prevent from discoloring. 
Adjust the amount of lemon according to your taste. I really like the smell of citrus and therefore tend to abound. Let's say that we can use up to half a lemon with no problems.

For the type of apple, I used the golden but are also fine the Renetta type.

Read my italian-guide on the apple varieties most commonly used in the kitchen if you have doubts about it. 
You just have to use the translation tool on the right column. 

Now I put the basket of the Bread Machine on the scale than I pour the sugar and then the eggs.
I entered the program "only mixer" for about 3 minutes. I put the basket on the scale one again,  adding a pinch of salt, extra virgin olive oil and my homemade creamy natural yogurt
Then back in the machine to mix the ingredients with the mixing program. for the very last time I put the basket on the scale and I add the flour and a teaspoon of baking powder. 
I run the mixing program, leaving proceed until the dough has become a nice cream. 
Finally, and without breaking the dough, I poured the slices of apple. I continued to run the machine for about ten seconds, until the apples are well incorporated. Don't mix the apple too long, you could break them and make the mixture watery.

Once the apple slices are well incorporated

If you want to see all the photos of this recipe go to my  photo set on Flickr.

Once off the equipment, our level the mixture with a spatula. NB: The whole process of dough, from eggs to apples, we must perform with Open the cover of the camera because, using a silicone spatula or wooden or Teflon, we must help the car especially in the corners. Only cooking we have to keep the lid closed, at least for the first 30 minutes. Close the lit and set the program "cooking only". I have cooked for 40 minutes doing the toothpick test after just 35 minutes. And here's the result. I must tell you though, that the cake in the picture, I put an apple and it only felt that something was missing. I was afraid that too much weight could affect the success of my cake. Instead, judging from what has come pretty high and soft, I can assure you that an extra apple could suit this cake perfectly. 

I'll be back soon with many new experiments to test our friendly and genial bread machine! 

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